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We want to wish a special thank you to some of our recent customers!

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Terry from Roanoke, IL New 2015 Ford Explorer Ford Dealer serving Roanoke, IL
Reginald from Hudson, IL New 2014 Ford F-150 Ford Dealer serving Hudson, IL
Harold from Monticello, IL New 2014 Ford F-150 Ford Dealer serving Monticello, IL
Nicole from Wenona, IL New 2014 Ford Focus Ford Dealer serving Wenona, IL
Betty from Normal, IL New 2015 Ford Escape Ford Dealer serving Normal, IL
Ronald from Streator, IL New 2015 Ford F-150 Ford Dealer serving Streator, IL
Lisa from Tremont, IL New 2014 Ford Edge Ford Dealer serving Tremont, IL
David from Normal, IL New 2015 Ford Explorer Ford Dealer serving Normal, IL
Drew from Creve Coeur, IL New 2015 Ford F-350 Ford Dealer serving Creve Coeur, IL
Brock from Paxton, IL New 2014 Ford F-150 Ford Dealer serving Paxton, IL
Joyce from Normal, IL New 2015 Ford Focus Ford Dealer serving Normal, IL
Larry from Chenoa, IL New 2015 Ford Fusion Ford Dealer serving Chenoa, IL
Brandi from El Paso, IL New 2015 Ford Fusion Ford Dealer serving El Paso, IL
Nick from North Liberty, IA New 2014 Ford Transit Connect Ford Dealer serving North Liberty, IA
Juan from Hammond, IN New 2014 Ford Edge Ford Dealer serving Hammond, IN
Randall from Bloomington, IL New 2015 Ford Explorer Ford Dealer serving Bloomington, IL
Lori from Bloomington, IL New 2014 Ford F-150 Ford Dealer serving Bloomington, IL
Gary from Congerville, IL New 2014 Ford F-150 Ford Dealer serving Congerville, IL
Christopher from Chicago, IL New 2014 Ford F-150 Ford Dealer serving Chicago, IL
William from Oswego, IL New 2015 Ford F-150 Ford Dealer serving Oswego, IL

Heller Ford Sales Recent Customers

We want to wish a special thank you to some of our recent customers!

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Customer Testimonials

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My wife and I have purchased two vehicles from Heller Ford. We agreed that both were the best experience we have ever had at a dealership. We also feel that we got the best deal here. Since we could communicate through email during the day our paperwork was ready to sign when we arrived that evening. The staff is friendly and very accommodating. They had us on our way in no time! We are very likely to return to Heller Ford in the future.
Dennis W    

Returning customer - as always I was treated like a family member. Very little negotiating required as they are straight shooters and basically let you know their best offers right up front. None of the other "tricks". I've been buying cars from the Heller family for years and will continue to do so. Would recommend them to anyone!
Ben M    

"They don't beat around the bush with negotiations and offer a very fair price. We have bought other vehicles from Heller and like the experiences."
Kerri S.    

"When we arrived at Heller it was after a horrible experience at a competitor dealer. I told Gerald that I didn't have a high expectation of things going well, and he continued to go above and beyond until we were able to walk out with a better valued vehicle than our previous selection. Heller definintely earned a lifelong customer out of me!"
Angela H.    

"They did everything in a business like manner. I ran a business for years and they did everything as I would have. I purchased from Heller Fod because of their selection, not pushy and business like approach."
Mary N.    

"Having dealt with many auto dealers in my years, I appreciate that our deal was straight foward and respectful start to finish. When the need arises, I will be back to see if Heller Ford can meet it, once again!!!"
Chuck V.    

"This is the 5th vehicle we have bought or leased from Heller. We have been treated with great respect and given the fairest deal possible."
Richard M.    

"Pete Oldman was everything and more your checklist asks for. He was very detailed from locating the vehicle to ensuring we knew everything about the vehicle. Great member to have on board I could of bought this vehicle closer to my house but travelled because he earned my trust and business. My sister recently bought an explorer and had a horrible experience with the Naperville, IL location so I steered clear and found Pete glad I did!"
Aaron L.    

"Our salesman, Jimmie Taylor, was very helpful and easy to work with. He helped us get the vehicle we wanted and worked with anothe dealership to trade so I could get the exact color and options I was looking for. I thought it would take a lot longer to find the vehicle I wanted, but Heller was very fast and friendly. The finance/paperwork rep was also very friendly and was almost as excited as I was about my new car! That made for a very positive experience."
Nathan K.    

"Our salesman Rich Tom, did a better job than any other Ford Salemen we had talked to."
Michael S.    

"Jody represented Heller's really well. It was a pleasure to work with the staff."
Mary W.    

"Our salesperson did a fantastic job in helping locate the vehicle that I wanted and completely covered everything. Neil Heller also worked long and hard in helping to find the vehicle I wanted. I will not buy a vehicle anywhere other than Heller's, een though there are dealers closer to where I live."
Henry J    

"The staff at Heller Ford is outstanding. I suggest that if you want a once-in-a-lifetime experience, step into Heller Ford and experience it for yourself. Wow, this is not the last vehicle we will purchase from them."
Chad B    

"I recommend Heller to everyone I know looking for vehicles. The staff is amazing and they are always helpful and courteous. In a world where you can get an oil change almost anywhere, I trust Heller even though they are 20 miles away."
Michael F.    

"Heller Ford is great. I have buying Ford from Heller Ford since 1997- seven new vehicles. Ron Kizer -super- the best. Ron Clark -super. Neil Heller -super. These men know their jobs."
James S.    

"Jody at Heller was great. Probably the best salesman I have had concerning buying a vehicle. Also, I came back to Ford because Ford did not take the bail-out (my tax dollars). Ford chose to earn my $ instead. Thank you."
Walkers of Illinois, Inc    

"Jody did a very good job.I have bought 6 cars from him so far."
Paul H.    

"Our salesperson was very knowledgable and helpful. He was able to answer any question at any time over the next four days. I had power start and power moonroof installed and he helped us operate those too. I met our delivery driver 1.5 hours away, which was nice. Overall a great experience! Thanks, Heller!"
Ryan E.    

"Heller was very professional and considerate from start to finish. I will do business with them in the future."
Prairieview Farms Inc.    

"I was very satisfied with everyone whom I dealt with for this purchase. A great dealership to go to."
Angeline S.    

"Jody Traylor is a great Salesman. I would recommend that our friends and family go see Jody!"
Alan M.    

"Always friendly and efficient."
James B    

"This is the 35th vehicle we have purchased from the Heller family, would not even consider going anywhere else. The staff is awesome, everyone is professional. Mr. Heller makes it a point to speak to everyone who comes into his showroom. You will not get that anywhere else, my husband and myself guarantee it."
Yvonne S.    

"I went to two other Ford dealerships and Heller really made the others look bad. Heller was much more friendly, seemed more knowledgeable, just seemed more willing to make my buying experience feel good. Very satisfied!"
James D.    
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